A Future of African-Led Development Is Underway (Page 1 of 3)


Powered by new tech, Africa is leading its own revival and challenging conventional discourse, says TMS ‘Teddy’ Ruge.(@tmsruge)

Saran Kaba Jones is passionate about universal access to clean water: she is the Liberian founder of the US-based non-profit organisation FACE Africa, which provides access to safe drinking water for rural communities in Liberia and other African countries. Her social media feed is a chronicle of her work. Jones’s efforts on the continent are not isolated.

Take a close peek at Africans’ social media chatter and you quickly realise that she is but one African whose work is now visible thanks to their embrace of emerging communications technologies.

A future of African-led social and economic development is under way - and technology is at its centre.

"It’s just too difficult to beat an obsessed entrepreneur…"
– I love this quote from Knewton founder Jose Ferreira’s post There’s a Reason It’s Called “Venture” Capital, especially since he used as an example Facebook’s inability to dislodge Foursquare with “Places” — his observation: “it’s especially difficult to beat someone else by copying something that they are zealous about and which launched before you did.” (via donnabrewingtonwhite)

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The Prepaid Economy: African Edition: Building Africa’s Silicon Savannah


VENTURES AFRICA – The Konza Techno City initiative was launched as part of the economic pillar of Kenya’s Vision 2030 development plan, with this new “smart city” dubbed Africa’s ‘Silicon Savannah’. Many expect that Konza will transform Kenya into Africa’s ICT hub and that poverty and unemployment…